Kito Weissenfels: Update  #COVID-19

March 2020

Further to our previous communication of 16/03/2020 and in view of the continued worsening of the national health situation in Italy due to the COVID-19 virus we wish to advise that in relation to the Legislative Decree DPCM deliberated and issued 22/03/2020, which calls for the closing of all non essential manufacturing facilities, we reluctantly inform you that as of Thursday 26/03/2020, Kito Chain Italia must close their production facility and all production related activities until at least 03/04/2020.

You will appreciate that our first priority must be the safety and well being of our employees and staff and a complete adherence to the legal precautionary measures instituted in these difficult times.
We are deeply saddened to communicate this information but we are sure that our esteemed customers, one and all, will understand and appreciate the seriousness of the situation here in Italy and the necessity of our government to take these strict measures to ensure the health and safety of all concerned.

The members of our staff involved in the Management, Commercial, Programming, Financial and IT sectors will be working from home and will be available for any and all information or assistance which we can supply throughout this period and to insure a prompt and smooth start up when the decree is lifted.
During this time we will be in the position to book, process and program any and all new order requirements or respond to technical queries so do not hesitate to contact us at any time with requests or information regarding your future needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Your future business security remains our utmost objective and you can be assured of our complete attention even during these most difficult of times.

Thank you for your kind understanding and your continued cooperation and support.

We are confident in the future and in the understanding of the need for a global effort and sacrifice to overcome this critical period. 



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